•  Claims of sexual touching by medical technician during baby care visit and prior claim months before by another patient; disputes over notice and when earlier claim was made; insurance policy exclusions; presence of male medical provider alone with female patient
  • Architect accused of negligence for having designed spec home relying on erroneous survey that had wrong setbacks
  • Absence of any record of EKG after complications from minor surgery followed  a few days later by devastating massive heart attack
  • Wrongful Death after slip on floor resulting in coma and death months later from thrombosis.
  • Suit re stick into spinal cord and resulting paralysis.
  • Professional malpractice when pharmacy formulated ten times strength of dosage of medication.
  • Wrongful Death claim of Physician’s assistant at clinic failing to send P to emergency room. Plaintiff died that night.
  • Damage to hand following complication from carpel tunnel surgery.
  • Dispute with architect over design that failed to include legally required bathroom space in small business.
  • Action against architect in substantial remodel project; repair estimates over $1 million.
  • Wrongful life, failure to advise and to provide advanced sonogram that would have revealed spina bifida.
  • Development of bedsores following hip surgery.
  • One inch tip of needle broke and became embedded in femur of 16 year old undergoing ablation surgery.
  • Breach of contract from miscalculated engineering numbers causing defective design for sophisticated research laboratory.
  • Medical malpractice claims of insufficient mental healthcare and abandonment of cardiac treatment.​
  • Unsterilized needle used on plaintiff after use on HIV and HEP C patient.
  • Dentist failed to maintain overhead x-ray machine which crashed down onto head of patient.
  • Unsterilized needle used on plaintiff after use on HIV and HEP C patient.