Elder Abuse

Representative Cases - Elder Abuse

  • Property purchase from elderly woman about to be widowed and dispute over claims of abuse and fraud
  • Boundary dispute with 92 owner of one property; 14” fence on wrong property
  • Neighbor caring for 90+ neighbor obtains quitclaim on property, use of mutual credit card raising issues of financial elder abuse versus legitimate real property transaction​
  • Neighbor dispute over boundary and new fence; claims of elder abuse
  • Wrongful death and dependent adult abuse from suicide of mentally ill son left with non-conservator mother.
  • Suits re bedsores following surgery.
  • Claims of financial elder abuse by grandfather against granddaughter and claims of fraud and undue influence, demanding returns of multi-million dollar cash disbursement.
  • Claims of fraud and abuse by sons of elderly woman who switched property title into their names and taking out loans, selling her home and causing her eviction.
  • Failure to diagnose extreme loss of weight in short time frame.​
  • Failure to diagnose broken bone for weeks in elderly patient.
  • Claim of elder abuse in attempted fraud relating to short sale.
  • Multiple suits involving injuries, poor care and insufficient staffing of elder homes.
  • Mother daughter dispute over property ownership and claims of financial elder abuse.
  • Wrongful death from fall during transport to adult day care.